Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Spring 2013 Schedule

This is what a normal, non-hectic week will look like for me this semester.

CSci 3601 is Software Design and Development. Out of all of my classes, that is the one that I have to care about the most because it is a prerequisite for pretty much everything else in the Computer Science major from now on. 5 credits

CSci 4553 is one of the few electives that doesn't have 3601 as a prereq, so I took it. It is a really interesting sounding class on Evolutionary Computation and Artificial Intelligence.4 credits.

Hist 2361 is "Environmental/Geographic History of the US". This is an area of history that I have never studied before, should be interesting. 4 credits.

Arts 1002 fulfills the last general education requirement that I need. I'm usually not very interested in visual arts, but hopefully Digitally Assisted Design will keep my attention.

And of course I have track every day for half a credit.

I'm glad that I have 10 o'clock classes four days out of the week because it's not too early in the morning, but it is early enough to keep me on a reasonable sleep schedule. I bet I'll be doing quite a bit of sleeping in on Fridays.

The highlight of every day is Stargate, starting at 9 or so in the evening. I managed to get a little group of people on my floor into Stargate SG-1 and we have been watching an episode a day. We got through the first five seasons last semester, and if we keep it up we will be able to finish the series by the end of the school year. If we start doing two episodes a day I bet we can even start Atlantis and watch them concurrently, just like we would if we were watching them when they first aired.

It looks like a big chunk of my Saturdays will have to be set aside for homework because Sunday is a little packed with church in the morning and recording Eight Bit.

And yes, that is a map of the Star Wars galaxy in the background of my calendar.