Sunday, July 28, 2013

Dream: Nathan Fillion at the Beach

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There were a couple of things that pretty clearly influenced this dream: last week I volunteered as a photographer for STORM Camp (check out the photos I took) and right before going to bed I was listening to an episode of the Nerdist Podcast with Joss Whedon.

I was at a work site for STORM taking pictures, when I saw a football with pictures of Nathan Fillion at a beach printed on it. I found out that he was still at that beach, and lo and behold I was suddenly at the beach. I found Nathan Fillion but I was too nervous to go up and say hi. So I took the totally-not-creepy route and started trying to get good shots of him. I got distracted for a moment and when I looked back he was gone, no sign of where he went.

Suddenly a shark jumped out of the ocean onto the beach, and I got a really good shot of that. However it turned out to be not a shark, but a person in a shark suit. Apparently I had been standing in a hallway that was connected to the beach because I looked around and saw +Matthew Linder mopping the floor. I found an HTC phone on the ground that he had mopped over, and somehow it still worked despite being completely soaked. I think Matt and I talked about electronics for a while after that.

Overall this dream doesn't seem to mean anything and there really isn't anything holding the various parts together. But seriously, Nathan Fillion.