Saturday, August 31, 2013

Color Zen Review

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I was introduced to this fun little mobile game by +Brian Mitchell. Much like Dots, it has a very minimalist visual style and a very soothing sound design.

Unlike Dots, Color Zen is a puzzle game. The goal of each level is to fill the whole screen with whatever color is around the border. The first level looks like this:

It's pretty hard to fail; you just move the triangle up to the circle and when they touch they both expand to fill the screen. Great success! Next level.

Still simple. When you move the pink square to the pink circle, it fills the background with pink, but the blue shapes are still there. It works just like the fill tool in MS Paint.

Things get interesting when they add more colors and start nesting them within each other.

In Chapter 2 they introduce white objects, which can be used with any color. I also gather that later on I will encounter black objects, which remove anything they touch without expanding it.

I paid $1 for the "Classic" pack, which includes six chapters, each with 20 levels. There are two more packs that are available, each more challenging than the last. It is definitely a reasonable price.

Color Zen is available on Android and iOS.