Thursday, September 19, 2013

Dream: The Galactic Senate

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Note: in this dream I take the role of the silent observer; I'm not a character in the story.

Last night's dream started off with a situation similar to that in Spacetrawler: there is a large Galactic governing body and Earth is currently considered a "dark planet" which means that nobody is allowed to visit until the humans have discovered interplanetary travel for themselves. However, there are a few humans who were illegally brought off-planet and are now representing Earth in the Galactic Senate. Chief among them is Daniel Jackson, who is really good at this whole diplomacy thing.

Before long the Foosa (from the movie Madagascar) show up, saying that they have as much a claim to the planet Earth as we humans do. Most of the Senate was going to vote in favor of the humans, but then Daniel surprised everyone by voting in favor of the Foosa. Why would he do that?? Well apparently he realized that the only way for us to be able to get rid of the Foosa without looking like terrible people was to give them a share of the planet and then go to war with them for some atrocity that they would inevitably inflict upon the people already living there. Very cunning, Daniel Jackson. Unfortunately my alarm went off before I could find out how this one turned out.