Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Dream: Real Robots!

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I had a brief dream last night where I was with a bunch of camp staff preparing some patties with rice on top (don't ask me where that came from, I have no idea what they were) for the Cub Scouts. While we were doing that one of the other staff was showing us a series on YouTube. It seemed very similar to those trailers for Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon because it was a cartoon with lots of black and neon pink, and I distinctly remember hearing the same narrator's voice saying "In the forests outside of the apocalypse..." while the camera dramatically zoomed in on a base. The base's commander is standing on a balcony looking out over the forest, and he yells "Don't you know what we're dealing with?? Robots! REAL ROBOTS!!" The inflection for this came straight from this line (3:31 since the link refuses to start at that point in the video).

Seriously, there's something wrong with my brain.