Friday, July 4, 2014

Dream: Instakill

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In this dream I was inside some military shooter (probably Call of Duty, curse my mind) and +Caleb Buck and I were trying to kill each other only by throwing knives at each other. Because I had apparently been playing the game for longer than he had, I had unlocked a perk that let me throw two knives at once instead of just one (by the way, stupid progression systems like that are part of the reason that I don't like games like that.) Needless to say, I was killing him a lot more than the reverse.

At one point we spotted a big room full to the brim with a bunch of kids. Our only comment on it was "Well, that's clearly a fire hazard." Eventually some of the kids came out to watch Caleb and I duke it out. He finally managed to get me, so I lay there pretending to be dead while the kids all cheered for him. Then they decided that they needed to ship my body back to my family. They took their time getting me packed up into a box, and once they finished I couldn't move my arms. I lay there for a while pretending to be dead, but suddenly I remembered that the Steam Summer Sale had been going on and I missed three flash sales in the time that it took them to get me packed up. I kicked my feet free and waddled over to them, but before I could give them a piece of my mind I woke up.