Friday, May 29, 2015

Dream: Bow Warfare

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I'm trying to escape from Dumbledore's house with some important information. I go to a window on the left (second floor) just as a group of young men come to the front door. One of them comes over towards my window to break in. He throws a grappling hook up, but I snip the line.

Seeing this, he takes out an enormous compound bow and shoots an arrow at me. I barely dodge to the right to avoid it. I drop down to crawl under the window to the left side of the room. He knows that I was laying on the floor, so his next few arrows come in as low as he can make them. Luckily it is physically impossible for him to get them low enough. I get to the left side of the room and grab the mattress off the bed. I prop it up in front of the window so he can't see in. He shoots through it anyway. He misses, but I let out a pained yell to make him think I was hit. Hearing this, he decides to come up. For some dream logic reason, that means he has to throw his bow through the window before coming up.

As he is climbing the rope on his second grappling hook, I grab his bow and nock an arrow. The bow has way more resistance than I am used to, and there are several tense seconds where I am unsure if I will be able to draw it back before he gets to the window. Luckily I manage just before his forehead appears over the window sill. I put an arrow through his skull and he falls back to earth.

I climb down and grab the rest of his arrows, thinking of using them to take out his friends who are still at the front door. The dream ends before I can do that.