Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Dream: The Horse Headlock

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This dream started off with a situation similar to my recent trip to St Petersburg: a bunch of students staying at a hotel. They went to a club, and for some reason I went with them.

Eventually I decided to head back to the hotel. I had a DSLR with me (clearly born of my desire to have one on these trips I keep taking). On my way I passed a bunch of fields where sports people were doing sports things. Seeing some good photo opportunities, I stopped to take pictures.

I got to a field with some horses, so I got on one to continue my journey. I noticed that the camera was not taking pictures anymore, so I started fiddling with some settings. When I changed a particular setting, the horse I was on started freaking out. I tried to calm it down, but it simply laid down, pinning me there. Then another horse came up and put me in a headlock with its front legs. I was terrified. Figuring that the camera was what was upsetting them, I threw it out of the fence.

+Amy Buck came by and picked up the camera. I told her to change the settings to placate the horses. She must have found the right one because suddenly the horses let go, but not before slobbering all over me. Then +Sonja Richardson showed up and asked me what happened. After I told her, she of course took the horse's side. I can never win.