Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Dreams: Unique New York

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I had at least three distinct dreams; one had to do with a big space battle, another had UAVs and social justice, but I remember the third one best. +Ryan Rampersad will enjoy it.

So +Sam Ebertz and I were in New York City, just kind of wandering around. We eventually ended up in this alley that slowly turned into more of a tunnel. We came across a chamber with junk and spare electronic parts scattered around. Kind of reminds me of the garbage city from the movie Labyrinth.

As we were looking around the room Paul Miller came in behind us and told us that he had been living in this underground area hiding from the world for almost a year. He didn't seem to mind that we had found, and he even let me take a few pictures of him and Sam posing together and moving boxes around (why I wanted pictures of them moving boxes I have no idea).

Something like this.

When he expressed concern that he didn't have a USB cord for the camera I reassured him that my laptop has a card reader. When I whipped out my Chromebook he pursed his lips but didn't say anything.

As Sam and I were leaving (Sam hadn't said a word throughout the whole dream) we passed a vaguely familiar-looking homeless guy with long black hair, but I didn't get a good look at his face. Wonder who that could have been.

And if you didn't understand most of that, don't worry; it had to do with a very specific set of inside jokes that my mind conjured up just for this one dream.